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Engine music

I have been thinking for a long while about the music that engines give to my ear.  I have often thought that some of my engines sound like club music.  I have even gone so far as to challenge some musicians with taking sound samples from my engines an creating works that I can put on my website.   I hope to hear something, this year.  In the meantime, I thought it fitting to publish some engine music from around the world.

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Steam engine up for offer

This item came up on the mailing lists.

Another piece of historic technology is about to bite the dust and become recycled car parts.

A great job of documentation by Steampunk!

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Special Thanks

I guess I have to start this blog by giving a special thanks to last years only sponsor of the website. A great big thank you goes to Western Gauge and Instrument. Not only did they give me product in kind for my engines, they did a fantastic job in restoring my old Ruston pressure gauge from the starting tanks on the CR. I will be posting pictures soon on my Ruston restoration gallery on the website.  I really appreciate their support and value their commitment to the hobby.

Ray B was in the other day and took measurements from the crankshaft for the pouring of the new babbitt. I am looking forward to see the pictures he is taking of the process. I am hoping this work will be finished by the end of the month and I will update the website accordingly.  I wish I could be there when he does the work but he lives out of town and the work schedule is picking up.

Ray L was also in.  (Yes, I know three Rays all in the hobby!)  This Ray is the main contact for looking after the engine sheds at my home club at Pioneer Acres.   Ray was admittedly more relaxed this winter, but is getting cabin fever to get out and wrangle his and the club engines.   It seems however that the snow is piled high out there and even though we are having warm weather, it is unlikely that access for me (or Ray) to the sheds is possible without some very heavy equipment.

I have decided to do the unmentionable. Part of the current for trade or sale collection is a Case LA tractor circa 40’s. I feel resolved that since no one seems to want it, I will have to part it out on Ebay and scrap the remains. The restoration of this tractor is way more than I can handle and it taking up way too much space in the yard. Repeated offers have gone untouched. I need to get back at least what I have put into it and sadly that is not readily going to happen. Man, I hate doing that but fortunately it is still common enough that they will still be found in the wild. Additionally, the parts sold will go to refurbish those already still under restoration. This will also allow me to restore more engines in the collection, which are generally rarer than the butt buggies.

Finally, thank you to Andrew for the Tri-pole Webster.  It will go well on the Waterloo boy (T. Eaton) or DesJardin (COTW) engines.  Still looking for a few more Websters for other engines that need restoration.  I am taking offers.

That is all for this time round.



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Engineutopia on Twitter

I am now on Twitter. Follow my tweets at

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I will try to post once a week…

Well it has been a few weeks since my last entry.  Christmas was very busy but due to rowdy visitors from South Africa, who were in need of a chaperone, little engine work was done.  It was not until the first week of January that I was able to unbury my Ruston from under the stuff which seems to occupy space in the shop.  So the Ruston was dragged out, and I was able to steam wash the entire engine, as well as to begin the reasearch on how to repour the babbit.  Frank Skinner from the US was kind enough to call me and give me the Coles notes instructions on babbit pouring, which I have written down and will re post on my website at a later date.

Bearing Cap for the Connecting Rod

Unfortunately, my schedule at work has also begun to pick up so I took the chicken way out and had our local machinist / old engine rebuilder, Ray (who owns Aztec Machine works) take the connecting rod end bearings for repouring.  He has promised me pictures, so along with Franks descriptions and Rays work, I will post on babbit pouring.  However, as Rob Skinner from CA keeps telling me, it is something that I HAVE to learn.

With the great steam cleaning on the 14th of January, a lot of the paint was also washed away with the grease.  I am quite sure that the oils I used for loosening up the stuck parts also helped in liquefying the lovely green paint, and left only the grey under primer.  Sad, but something I will now have to work with.  There are still the spray painted numbers (52) from the Sask Wheat Pool and some of the other lettering and such which are still very much intact.

Today, January 18th, I received my christmas present from my Ontario buddy Andrew.  I am quite sure it is a Webster Magneto, but other shop duties quickly pulled me away from my new found part and I will have to wait until tomorrow to finish the unwrapping.  Hopefull B has not found it or she will think I have been on ebay spending.

Speaking of Ebay, I won a great early 1900’s post card from the UK which features a Fairbank Morse Tractor from our area.  I will post it on the site as soon as I am able.

Speaking of posts, I am debating how to handle all the literature that I also wish to post.  The manuals and such are the one thing that I would like to charge for, cause all the expenses of the hobby are taking their toll on my pocket book.  I highly encourage anyone who likes my postings, pictures and such to hit the DONATE button on my website.   I would also like to hear anyones opinons on the idea of charging for viewing of literature.

Finally, I am steps closer to a new aquisition.  I will announce once I am finished the deal and publish pictures.  I am still not sure what shape my display will take this year but I am sure that the display will have some of the new toys on board.



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Hello world!

Welcome to 2010… a new year and a new way for communication. This is my connection to the blogosphere where the discussion of the history, technology, and everything else regarding antique stationary engines will be discussed.

My collection consists of pre 1929 Flywheel engines.  Both gas and diesel, these engines were at the forefront of the building of the world we know today.

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