Posted by: bleedingartindustries | August 3, 2010


I was at the Leslieville show this weekend, which in itself is a great place to be, however, one thing struck me as extraordinary.  In essence my epiphany was how large a world we live in, and yet how we never really know what is in our own back yard.

I was speaking with an older man and woman regarding my hit and miss engines, and it the course of polite conversation I asked where the two were from.  It seems that the woman was from the Edmonton area, but the man was from California.  This gentleman was very impressed with the show and made a comment how he wished that such shows were taking place in California.  At this comment my jaw hit the floor.  As with most things Canadian, if there is an American equivalent, it is 10 times bigger.  I told him of my good friend rusty iron Rob and his participation in WAPA (Western Antique Power Association), as well as the shows in Tulare, Highland Citrus festival (where the streets are blocked off and engines are displayed for blocks), The EDGE show, and California Gold shows, to mention but a few.  The quality and rarity of engines displayed at these shows are unparalleled almost anywhere and this group and community is very active.  Even the WAPA publication is fantastic (Rob’s most evident contribution) and easily rivals the glossy nature of  Gas Engine Magazine.

It was funny to experience this, as it was Rusty Rob who a few months earlier put me in touch with a Ruston CR engine up for sale in my backyard.   It is oddly ironic that as far as we are apart, we are all so very close; and how one can miss the very things happening in ones own back yard.


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