Posted by: bleedingartindustries | May 24, 2010

May Long Weekend

Well it is the May long weekend, and my motivation has long left me behind.  Never mind that my first official “I intend to be at this show” date is looming fast.  June 5 th and 6th is the Westlock show, and my traditional first day of engine tourism.  What to take to show is the order of the day.  So much needs to be fixed or restored.  Sadly the Ruston is still under restoration (I am starting on the platform or cart) and the Fairbanks is at Irricanna and well put away.

The opening day at Pioneer Acres was likely the most uneventfull event I have ever witnessed.  It was a bit of a letdown, as I had expected more than… well… NOBODY. 

Club IHC hit and miss Tractor

I know it is a club first and foremost, but anyone who has a museum attached really should have a little more attendance than there was that first day.  No wonder they are in such doldrums for attaining new members.  It was great to see the blacksmiths all out and working as well as a few of the tractor guys.

I just found out that my partner considers herself an “Engine Widow”.  This term is in reference to my being gone for extended periods either playing with, showing, or restoring old engines.  I had no idea that I had passed into such state, but to her I give my condolences.  Of course she could join me.

I am very excited to be obtaining my NOOD (New Objects Of Desire) some time in the next month.  I was able to secure a very high quality engine collection which I will begin to integrate into my collection.  Some will of course be sold to finance new aquisitions, but some will remain in the collection and will be a welcome enhancement.

My last entry for today goes to the idea of safety.  Yesterday, in trying to remove the flywheels from a stubborn Fairbanks headless 1 1/2hp engine as well as the piston from the head, a gust of wind and an ill placed position of my head caused my eyebrown and part of my hair to disapear in a ball of smelly flame.  I had a friend who did much the same thing although he was trying to unstick a Massey Harris tractor when a ball of fire belched out of the access hole into which he was looking.  The long and the short of this message is to play safe and have fun out there.  Finally take what these guys are doing to heart and count the mistakes they made.  They are very lucky that this did not become much, much worse.


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