Posted by: bleedingartindustries | May 4, 2010


Well I have tried to post every week, but the last month has been nuts. Here is an update of all the things that are happening.  I have been keeping up with the twitter postings a little better than this site, but here we go on this blustery night creating a blog for you to enjoy.

So…  Ray at Aztec machine has the bearing caps for the Ruston connecting rod ready.  I am very excited about this.  He is visiting tomorrow to check the fit.  As you may remember I asked Ray to cast new babbit for the connecting rod ends as the old ones had a multitude of problems.  I have attached the head onto the body and am beginning to add each part back on after cleaning.  I have also purchased the metal for the cart and have a rough drawing of what the finished display will look like.  It is beginning to look as if I might actually be finished by summer.

Speaking of summer.  Engine season is just around the corner.  The big Pioneer Acres clean up and opening prep is this week-end, with next week-end being the spring opening.  Lots of things to watch for there.  End of the month is the spring fling show, where we get a chance to haul out some stuff and make it go.  Also, if you are in the area, the Acres got a rare showing of the RCMP musical ride.  Tickets are sold in advance and are moving quickly, so make sure you call now to book yours.  One show only.  Check the website for information.

Show season is very close and I have updated the listings on my website.  There I have a complete list of the shows happening this summer in Alberta.  If you are from here or visiting here, there are lots to do and see from the end of May onward.  I will also be adding some extra dates not on the list of some smaller happenings.

I just completed my first major engine reassignment.  Now, some might call this a flip, but I connected a buyer and a seller and got a very nice engine into the hands of a younger collector for a very good price.  My benefit was that it got me some parts for my Manitoba engines, which I will need for their fall restoration.  Congrats Charles on the new 6 horse power toy.  I hope to see it in a number of shows this year.

For me it is also clean up time.  Time to get all the old engines together and take stock.  I am selling a number of them to raise money for a new project coming down the pipe.  I can’t speak to the acquisition much at this point but it is exciting.  In regards of sales, there will be a few Waterloo boys with the T Eaton tag up for sale, as well as a vertical New Way, and a Fairbanks or two.  IHC parts will be appearing on Ebay more regularly, so if you are interested drop me a line.  I can pretty much outfit a whole 1 1/2 hp IHC M style.

Well, it is time for me to blog out.  Thanks for checking in, and I hope to chat again soon.



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