Posted by: bleedingartindustries | February 7, 2010

The Moral Dilemma

Once again it is that slow time of season where the bills pile up and the income dwindles.  The engine hobby for me and most others is a losing proposition at best.  Thus we are all forced to look at our shelves and say… “what can I sell”?  The aquisition of collectables (in this case engines) is a life long goal which never ceases.  In fact one has to be able to jump at chances which are presented when one can.  In this vein, I am looking at my shelf and had advertised on Enginads a 1 3/4 hp IHC mogul.  Now these are a very collectable engine and desirable to most engine buffs.  Very few of the 1 3/4 were made and even fewer seem to survive.  This particular engine is stuck and missing the ignitor and magneto.  The rocker arm is also missing a chunk.  Still, all in all this engine is in good condition (although stuck).  It is infinitely restorable.  I offered it on the ads for 500.00, which I think is pretty good price for a rarity.  Well, two nibbles at the ad, but the guy who is most likely to win out is the one who wants me to part it out.  He really wants the head and other parts.  I likely could make my 500 and more in parting this engine out, but it is a shame because this one is so close to complete.  This is the moral dilemma.  I am not a chop shop as so many are, however, parting this out may bring life to so many more.  It will also bring a greater price.  I have already decided that there are too many IHC M’s in this world and that parting the number I have obtained is OK, but this is a more complicated issue.  Here is to hoping the guy driving down from central Alberta will pay the asking price and give new life to this little chunk of history.


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